TipBot / StakeBot

The simplest way to have a web wallet, animate your Discord community, and have a staking pool for staking coins!

The tip/stake bot supports BTC-based coins with transparent addresses, as well as ZEC-based z-transactions-only coins.

Some of the coins Sapphire Bots tip/stake bot is trusted by include:

Komodo (KMD)
ChainZilla (ZILLA)
VerusCoin (VRSC)
BitBean (BITB)
Marmara Credit Loops (MCL)
Condensate (RAIN)

Web wallet made easy

Use the tipbot to enable all your Discord users to have an easy-to-use web wallet, packed with lots of great features.

As with every web wallet, deposits and withdraws are the most basic features, but while so, minimum deposit confirmation times can be configured to your liking.

The bot communicates with the users using a configurable prefix and alias.

All transactions are fully auditable for maximum transparency.

A price poller has been inbuilt to display your holdings in USD equivalent amounts as well.

Highly configurable

A plethora of highly configurable options will help you tailor the tipbot to your specific needs.

For the privacy-conscious, privacy mode can be enabled by default, effectively responding to all user queries regarding balance, addresses and withdraws in Direct Messages. Many commands are also accessible in DM’s regardless of privacy mode .

Features have been designed to make the user experience straightforward and enjoyable.

Have great fun with your users!

Tip users for fun or services done, publicly or privately, e.g. pay out bounties

Rain to active users, with activity settings (configurable activity time within channels of your choice)

Soak active/inactive users

Thunder (tips random active users)

A faucet is also inbuilt into the bot and turned on upon request.

Configurable and automatable autorains and autosoaks that will rain to users active in selected channels

Integrated staking pool

Staking coins can make use of a robust integrated staking pool, giving users a chance to earn even if they hold only a modest amount.

Users are free to unstake their coins at any time, and stake them again if they so desire.

An advanced algorithm takes care to maximize user ROI.

A detailed 30-day staking report with average values is also available to users once a day.

Aggregated stake notifications (max 1 per hour) are sent to the channel of your choosing.